AVerMedia PW313D

Product Page Design for AVerMedia

AVerMedia PW313D

AVerMedia Technologies provides cutting-edge audio and video peripherals and professional capturing, streaming, embedded vision solutions, along with high-definition video and real-time audio-visual products.


  • - Adobe XD
  • - Bootstrap
  • - SCSS
  • - Vue.js
  • - AWS


AVerMdia Technologies has been established over 20 years. From my perspective, it has some problems that a typical Taiwanese enterprise would have - high product quality but a misaligned visual expression, a dated brand image that appears unattractive, forgettable compared to their competitors like Logitech and Jabra.

Having to know the problems, reinventing the brand is one of the top priorities for the managers and the directors. As a front-end designer of the company, I was expected to give its digital presence a fresh, modern look.

lesson learned

It takes the marriage of both hard skills and soft skills in order to have projects deployed smoothly. I have to be precise on my questions and efficient working with other senior developers, while on the other hand, I have to avoid using jargon when I explain to the managers why some effects they asked are doable, some others don’t, and what is visual consistency and why is that important.

Coding my own design is a really great exercise for both sharpening my design skill and CSS knowledge. As I switch my position between designer and developer, the different perspectives always help me to think about doing things in different ways, reminding me to keep my mind open and be humble.

My communication skill has very much improved after the project. It looks like it is just one-page content, but it was A LOT going on behind the scene. I have to collect different information and feedback from different sectors of the company, including product managers, engineers, marketing teams even directors, I was constantly making choices on when to stick to my opinion and when to step back. Although The process was painful if I’m being honest here, however, it’s no doubt a necessary and valuable skill to learn for your own good.

AVerMedia PW313D