Minrey Peng

a.k.a Monkhaus

I was a seasoned visual designer before falling down the rabbit hole of programming, I have got to say the journey has been bitter-sweet so far, and I have never regretted it.

As a designer, you mainly act depending on intuition rather than logic, picking a colour palette, choosing the right font for brand identity... why do I decide to pick this image over that one? Well, I just know which one works. It can be discouraging when you're unable to persuade people with your 'senses'.That is why it's so satisfying to find the balance between intuition and logic.

I have had brief but enjoyable experience making static web pages using HTML, CSS when studying web design at the university. So it was easy for me to pick up using free online resources. Javascript is rather tough for me to comprehend. I thought I'll never stop falling down this dark rabbit hole. But once after you touched down the bottom of it and saw the lights, I can't put that thrilling moment into words. It boosts your confidence enormously. It is also rewarding to know you have full control of populating the screen with data, designing interactions with users.

Now I work cross-disciplinary. As a hybrid professional, I’m able to see my work from other perspectives and adopt creative thinking to solve problems. I collaborated with the marketing team, UI/UX designers, back-end developers to deliver a better website experience and eye-catching digital presence for my clients.

You are very welcome to drop me an email for a chat, or any kind of form of collaboration!

education & experience


  • BFA in Visual Communication Design

    Husan Chuang University, Taiwan

  • Graphic Designer

    LAMO.3 Womenswear, Taiwan


  • Marketing Specialist

    Casa N More Kitchenwares, Taiwan

  • Visual Designer

    LOVE 2 Sleep Bedding, United Kingdom

  • Front-end Developer

    AVerMedia Technologies, Taiwan


  • Front-end Developer

    AkoCommerce, Taiwan

  • Lead Designer

    Homiu Housewares, United Kingdom