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Grassphere Shopify Store

Grassphere Shopify Store Feature Development: Mix & Match Bundle

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Grassphere is a brand that promotes a green, mindful-living experience. All their featured products are made of natural and additive-free ingredients from local farms in Taiwan. When they decide to build their new store with Shopify, one of the major features they’d like us to customize is Mix & Match bundle. The task is very specific because the feature has to be integrated with their ERP system.


The main takeaway for me is choosing the tools accordingly. It was my first time using Vue instead of React to develop a live case feature. Simply because it was much easier to build on top of the existing Shopify theme. Integrating the feature with the existing web components of the theme was tricky for me, but it was a fulfilling experience after the break-through, I've got a chance to dive deep into the architecture of a Shopify store and get all familiar with it.

  • Shopify Liquid
  • Shopify Cart API
  • Vue.js
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Grassphere Shopify Store
Grassphere Shopify Store
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